Friday, April 23, 2010

iPad on Campus: Week 3

As the hype recedes and reality sets into campus thinking about the iPad, one particular question arises for some IT administrators: how many students will be arriving in the fall with their own iPads? Anticipating that question represents more than an idle office pool. On the one hand, the helpdesk needs to plan for the kinds of questions students (and faculty) will bring regarding its functionality. On the other hand, knowing how we can best take advantage of this technology at the point when it appears can make us better educators. Indeed, being prepared at that critical point will help us to shape iPad culture.

The visual richness of the iPad makes it ideal for viewing images and reading documents. Are our webpages accessible to iPad users. Already, I’ve found myself re-editing my webpages to remove Flash buttons and images which the iPad leaves blank. I’ve already used an app that Elliott suggested called Goodread as a way to view and store documents on the iPad and I expect we will see similar developments in the future.

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