Saturday, April 10, 2010

LAB Findings - One Week of iPADing..

It has now been one week since we started to experiment with the new iPAD.  In the past week, our colleagues around North America have been running a range of Lab activities, as well as observations of a range of people using the iPAD for learning orknowledge activities.  Here are a few of our 1 week findings:
  • Reading of Newspapers Changes:  One of the profound differences was seen in how people read newspapers that are formated for iPAD delivery.  There is a significantly deeper and more exploratory user experience with the iPAD newspapers.  I have been reading the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today on the iPAD on a daily basis.  My reactions have mirrored those of other users, as we are touching more articles, manipulating in an intuitive way and find the content significantly more accessible than both the paper and traditional web formats.  It will be key for news publishers to continue to evolve the feature set and user interface as this genre evolves.
  • Collaboration and Webinars Next: We have been experimenting with several iPAD front ends for webinars.  I have participated in a Cisco Webex meeting using the iPAD. linking to a remote presenter and distributed students.  The feature set of these Tablet front-ends will rapidliy grow and will include interfaces for LMS and Course Management Systems.  Blackboard already has one and other are in the works.
  • Searching and Accesing Improves:  There is an App that is a high quality front end to the often chaotic Wikipedia.  Our Lab experiments with both search engines and accessing test plus video is promising.
  • Authoring Design Tools Needed:  While new Apps are coming down the line that will allow for more easy authoring of Tablet learning content, we would love to see an iPAD authoring tool that could be more local - feeding content through an approved app.  This may come as the LMS front ends are approved.  But, we would love to see this happen.
  • Flash Lacking is Challenging:  As has been well documented, traditional FLASH content does not work on the iPAD.  We'll see how this impacts and effects content designers and owners of deep collections of FLASH material.
More comments and perspectives to come from our MASIE Center LAB Team.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Re: newspapers - I haven't bought a physical NYTimes for more than a year, having read the NY Times online (website), on the iPhone (NYTimes reader app), and the Times Reader (MacBok Air). Though I use them all, of all these I prefer the Times Reader...
    > Photography is superb (no mis-registered printing, more photos)
    > Downloads the content (reading on the subway)
    > Save/print articles
    > A week's copies are always available

    Big fears on the iPad...
    > No downloaded/offline copy
    > Use of Adobe AIR as a platform puts us in the pissing match
    > creeping subscription price (a new one was announced last week, but it's still cheaper than buying physical, as it should be)

    We'll see...