Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sample iPad app: Learning Management System interface

If you have been wondering how the iPad might interact with a Learning Management System, have a look at Blackboard's demo video of their "Mobile Learn" app as an example. You may recall that Elliott briefly mentioned this app in his Video of First Look at iPAD for Learning.

Where do you see the highest potential for iPad apps interfacing with Learning Management Systems in a higher education or corporate context? Will future iPad apps be most beneficial for educators or learners? How do you envision yourself working differently with Learning Management Systems through iPad apps?


  1. Wow! Are those interfaces available already for many LMS systems?

    I have already HATED the portal looking pages that our LMS kicks up.

    What is the timeline for getting these? Can a company build their own -- or do you need to get Apple App approval?

  2. @Anonymous - I do not have any timelines for the other vendors but do expect to see more of these apps in the near future. With regards to companies building and distributing their own iPhone and iPad apps please refer to Apple's Enterprise Developer Program at the url below: http://developer.apple.com/programs/iphone/enterprise/. Hope this helps!