Thursday, May 20, 2010

3 Weeks Later - Nigel Paine iPad Reflections

Having used it for almost three weeks, I am clearly a leading iPad expert :) Ten conclusions from the use so far:

1. It is a great machine and I am still learning what it can do and this is a better area to focus on than what it can't do.

2. My most useful and innovative App so far is pretty prosaic! I know that I shouldn't be so boring but my favourite App has to be Pages. So well designed specifically for the iPad and so flexible. It is wonderful.

3. You get used to the on-screen key board fast. I have typed about 30 pages so far and am more and more confident using it. So do not rush out and buy a compatible bluetooth key board until you have exhausted your enthusiasm for the virtual one.

4. Delete apps that don't work well on the iPad so that your iPhone and iPad diverge sharply. They are not the same at all and there is no need to take everything over from one device to the other.

5. I try to group Apps: my biggest growing group is productivity.

6. It is far easier and less intrusive to use it at meetings rather than a laptop. Organise your papers on your iPad and read them on screen, and it will cut down on needless printing.

7. Little kids love the books and the interactive apps. They 'get it' instantly. But check their fingers for sticky substances before you let them loose.

8. Pass it around. Show people information by passing it round like you would a book or a piece of paper.

9. Keep it clean. At least once a day give the screen a good clean and it looks and works better as a result.

10. Give it a go as your sole computer for simple meetings. It works well when you are not chopping and changing between a laptop and an iPad. But remember this machine has no folders and you can't search internally between apps (yet).

And it is a great learning tool. The learning aspect will be huge.

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  1. I used my iPad during the CFA Leadercast to follow the Twitter stream and later to extract those tweets and send out the collected posts as notes.