Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ten iPad Conclusions

I wouldn't let you take it away from me. It is now integral to my wireless life.

It is about creating as well as consuming but creation has to be simple.

It offers a better web experience (Flash excepted) than either my Mac or iPhone (and it is faster than both)

Key apps have a way to go like the Mail app and the Calendar App. They aren't yet good enough.

The soft keyboard is terrific and you get used to it really quickly.

You need a cover: the Apple cover with the built- in stand does help but don't try to remove the cover quickly. You simply cannot.

Kids love the interface and 'get it' immediately.

It had hidden charms, you find out about things it can do you did not realise by chatting to the profusion of iPad users.

32 gig is a minimum. I would already have spooled out of 16 gig. Add photos and music and docs and ...and...and it soon eats up space.

It is 'instant' and immediate. For breath and depth I still need the data on my Mac and the rage of applications. Therefore it is not a substitute but I use the laptop differently and the iPhone differently as a result of having the iPad.

If anyone asked me if it is worth getting or 'should I wait for the one with the camera' I reply go now, there is plenty that will enthral you and when you want to move on, give it to the kids!

Most things I don't need to secure but some things I do, but the iPad has one level of security: on or off and this does not reflect the multiplicity of usage including handing it to others to use. Protect my calendar, my docs and my email and the rest you can have access to. Elliott Masie and I totally agree on that.


  1. VERY correct Nigel.

    Especially on your 32gig recommendation - I would personally wait and get one 64gig or hopefully a 100G eventually.

  2. Nigel, I adapted your list to a post on iPad buying tips. I've been a fan of your blog and following for quite some time. Hope you enjoy the post.